Day of Infamy Update March 28th

Posted on March 28, 2017

Today we have released a small update to address a number of minor issues. Full changelist below:

Updated Content

  • Updated German 29th Panzer unit to alleviate identification confusion.
    • Officer: khaki jacket, grey pants.
    • Sniper: khaki jacket, khaki pants.
    • All other classes: grey jacket, khaki pants.
    • Updated first person sleeves to khaki.


  • Fixed an issue where the US 28th Infantry Division unit was not available on Foy, Bastogne or Reichswald.
  • Fixed Gordon Highlanders unit not being available on Ortona.
  • Add missing camo netting helmets for the Officer, Rifleman & Sniper classes of the US 82nd Airborne unit.
  • Fixed an issue where the US 82nd Airborne unit had the wrong uniform assigned on spawn.
  • Corrected unit art & player profile art for the US 82nd & 101st Airborne units.
  • Tweaked the texture colour for the german snow camouflage & wehrmacht sleeves.
  • Fixed HUD icons dimming when spectating a player who is aiming down sights.

Map Balance & Fixes


  • Fixed a destructible wall that was assigned to the wrong faction.


  • Added missing final Entrenchment spawn.
  • Added a trench along the open field to assist Allies in reaching the first farmhouse objective.
  • Updated navmesh.


  • Smoothed terrain to improve movement throughout the map.
  • Fixed nodraw brush

Saint Lo

  • Fixed a stretched texture.
  • Moved the Axis neutral spawn further back in Frontline.
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