Day of Infamy Update January 19th 2016

Posted on January 19, 2016

The Day of Infamy mod has been updated, along with the beta branch version of Insurgency. To play Day of Infamy, you must be on the beta branch of Insurgency, and you must also be subscribed to the DOI mod and maps on the Steam Workshop.

We’ve added a night version of Bastogne, along with Invasion mode gameplay tweaks including reinforcement counts and capture times. The crash to desktop issues have also been resolved. Coop support is in progress, but not functional at the moment. Full change list below:

  • New map: Bastogne Night
  • Updated Dog Red:
    • Fixed a bad displacement that blocked off the rear entrance to the last German bunker.
    • Improved cover near the shingles on the beach.
    • Improved stairs in the middle bunker.
    • Added separation wall in the side bunker near Charlie in push.
    • Improved cover by around the middle road up the hill.
    • Fixed various other issues around the map.
    • Improved displacements around the hills.
  • Updated Bastogne:
    • Altered the terrain a bit in front of C Push (Bunker) to add some extra cover for the attacking team.
    • Added a few more craters and foxholes around the center objective.
    • Added detail sprites to create a bit more depth into the terrain.
    • Added mortar effect for Invasion and Push gamemode. Stops after A is captured.
    • Fixed a floating tree near C Push.
    • Clipped the windows of the church tower to avoid players from jumping on the roof.
    • Updated soundscapes.
  • Fixed crash related to VPhysics.
  • Strike now has more waves and time.
  • Invasion mode only adds 15 waves per capture instead of 20.
  • Increased capture speedup in Invasion mode when multiple players are capturing.
  • Bayonets now have sounds for stabbing surfaces and players.
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